Antonio's Life as a Musician

Native to Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Antonio Salerno grew up in an Italian musical family. His mom and dad Christine and John Salerno both have lived their lives as professional musicians as well as his brother, Frankie Salerno. Music in the Salerno family goes back many generations. On both sides of his mom and dad's family, there are numerous musicians dating back to his great-grandparents. His parents specialize in Jazz and Brazilian Jazz, influencing Antonio greatly throughout his childhood. He learned from a very young age what being a musician was like, attending hundreds of their performances. Attending these performances with him was his brother, Frankie, a Grammy Jazz Band Guitarist now living in Los Angeles pursuing his musical career. Antonio learned how to rehearse, set up the gear, perform, entertain, tear down and even how to deal with disrespectful business owners. 


Antonio first started performing professionally at age 11. But he didn't play guitar or sing yet.  Antonio performed as a drummer/percussionist at various different venues around Wisconsin including Chefusion, The Meyer Theatre, the Heidel House, and Art Street. He not only played with his parent's bands, but he was frequently asked to play with many other bands in High School. As a singer, he took lessons from his Godfather, Dino Billoti, and his dad's best friend, Todd Buffa. Todd Buffa sang in the Grammy-nominated band, "Rare Silk". Antonio learned from his teachers how to sing like Frank Sinatra, an idol in his Italian family. Antonio has sung with his dad's big band "The John Salerno Orchestra " at various different venues around Wisconsin including The Riverside Ballroom and The Heidel House. Also, he sang with his mom's group "ZIJI" from time to time. Performing at Chefusion, a restaurant in Green Bay was almost like a rehearsal for him. Antonio found himself there almost every month, growing as a musician. When he finally picked up the guitar, he was surrounded by many talented Jazz guitarists including Ricardo Vogt,  Phil Nelson, Stephan Hall and his brother, Frankie Salerno. Antonio also took Classical lessons from Russ Nau and Dan Weaver. He combined his Jazz knowledge with his Classical knowledge and began writing his own music.


Antonio transferred to Notre Dame Academy his Junior and Senior year mainly to study with his mom, the choral director at NDA. He sang in the choir and vocal jazz group, and played drums, guitar and sang in the Jazz Band. Antonio would even come into his mom's office during lunch to escape the loud cafeteria to practice and learn more about music, particularly Brazilian Jazz. Antonio fell in love with Brazilian Jazz at age 17 and began performing professionally since then. In addition to his Brazilian music, he writes his own music. "18 Years" was his first album released in the summer of '16, not even a year after beginning to play and write. In love with Brazilian music, Antonio traveled to Cazadero California to learn from some of the greatest Brazilian Jazz artists in the world. This transformed his playing to another level. He was greatly in inspired by the amazing guitar playing and beautiful melodies written by Guinga, as well as ". Now is hoping he is traveling to NYC  to record his 3rd album. Antonio is now also attending UWGB, learning Jazz from his Dad, a music professor. the phonenemal improvisation skills of Chico Pinheiro. Antonio went on tour the summer of '17 traveling to Milwaukee, Chicago, Lexington, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, and Nashville. He gained lots of experience on this Solo Tour. In 2018, Antonio released a Brazilian Jazz album "Perspectivo" early 2018 of all Guinga songs. He now has another album released called "Give Me A Chance" recorded in New York City of all orginal songs.

Green Bay, WI


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